Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 7

Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 7

G Finesse by Mike McClelland

Mike McClelland

Mike McClelland Inspired G Finesse Hybrid Worm

The G Finesse Hybrid Worm is the brainchild of pro-staffer; Mike McClelland. He’s spent more than a few hours on the water, competing in over 234 tournaments, including 10 times at the Bassmaster Classic. Mike knows the subtleties of rigging worms and soft plastic like no one else, so he and Gamakatsu’s designers combined the best of his current favorite Gamakatsu worm hook and incorporated a distinctive new acute hook angle to keep baits aligned perfectly straight. Hence, the“Hybrid”name. The Nano Smooth Coat finish makes it easy to thread the thinnest finesse baits or the fattest Senkos with ease. Add industry-changing Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) to the package and things couldn’t be more perfect. Take our word for it, or better yet, fish it yourself. The G Finesse Hybrid Worm is available in sizes 1/0 to 8/0.

G Finesse by Brent Ehrler

Brent Ehrler

G Finesse Stinger

Tournament pro and Gamakatsu pro staff, Brent Ehrler, developed and fine-tuned the new G Finesse Stinger for use with the popular Neko and Wacky rig techniques. The G Finesse Stinger follows in the footsteps of similar, game-changing G Finesse hooks engineered by Gamakatsu. It features Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) which is thinner and stronger than anything else on the market, and an application of Nano Smooth Coat to decrease penetration resistance. This hook can be perfectly positioned exactly where you want it, and even moved, without damaging the bait. When the bite is tough, G Finesse opens new ways to stick it to’em. Available in size 6 through 1/0.

G Finesse Weedless Stinger

We heard from pro staff, Brent Ehrler, and many others, that anglers were spending far too much time tying custom weed guards with wire or heavy monofilament on their Neko rigs…because they couldn’t find the right finesse hook with the right weed guard already attached. Problem solved! The G Finesse Stinger Weedless is just what the tournament trail needed. Titanium wire weed guard, Nano Smooth Coat and Tournament Grade Wire. Available in size 6 through 1/0.