Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 6

Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 6

G Finesse by Shinichi Fukae

Shinichi Fukae

G Finesse Swivel Shot

Drop-shot fishing for bass is nothing new but Gamakatsu’s approach to it is. Our all-new Swivel Shot eliminates line twist that’s commonly associated with drop shotting and vastly improves rigging efficiency. Gamakatsu’s produced a revolutionary new “Twist Free” design using a premium swivel above the hook. The hook, a super-sharp Gamakatsu offset point Octopus hook, is strong enough to winch big bass out of slop --- another unique attribute of their Swivel Shot system. The Easy-Change weight system below the hook improves rigging efficiency and easy leader length adjustments without retying your rig. Pro Sinnichi Fukae was instrumental in the development and testing of Gamakatsu’s Swivel Shot and shared that it has been an essential element in his tournament success. Without a doubt, the Swivel Shot is an enormous leap forward in drop shot fishing that’s sure to maximize angler’s efficiency, increase hook-ups and land trophy-sized bass without the worry posed by conventional drop shot hooks and rigging. Available in NS Black. Sizes: 2 - 3/0

G Finesse Swivel Shot Drop Shot

The original G Finesse Swivel Shot changed the game and professional anglers were eager to play. Some, like Shin Fukae, recognized the G Finesse advantage but didn’t want to break from tradition entirely. The G Finesse Swivel Shot Drop Shot features our top of the line Tournament Grade Wire Drop Shot hook. Both the hook and swivel system feature the benefits of a Nano Smooth Coat finish. Available in sizes 2, 1, 1/0 and 2/0.

G Finesse Swivel Shot Worm

It’s more than just a new hook. It’s the origination of a revolutionary new technique made possible by Gamakatsu’s industry-changing G Finesse series. Pro Staff Shinichi Fukae spent the last year perfecting the concept and proving its power. We’ve combined our G Finesse Worm Light w/ Tin Keeper hook with the G Finesse Swivel Shot System to create the first ever Swivel Shot Worm. Unique in form, function and finesse. Texas Rig the Swivel Shot Worm to be fished in and around cover. The light wire allows for threading extremely small diameter worms, held firmly in place by the near weightless, tin keeper. The hook also features our unique Nano Smooth Coat Finish. Adding the“twist-free”advantage of the Swivel Shot allows super fast rigging without tangles. You can be assured the presentation is always perfect, and that translates into more strikes and more bent rods. Available in sizes 1, 1/0, 2/0. Nano Smooth Coat finish.

G Finesse Tricky Head.

From the master finesse magician himself, Shin Fukae, comes the new Tricky Head jig head. It’s the newest innovation from G Finesse. Designed to be fished with the popular shaky head technique, it brings several additional advantages to the tackle box. The Tricky Head is snag free. The weighted lead head is uniquely shaped to remain vertical during presentation, allowing the jig to bounce in and around structure while the worm or swimbait is held firmly in place by a lockdown tin keeper. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Available in black or plain lead, in sizes 1/16, 3/32, 1/8 or 3/16 oz.

G Finesse Weedless Wacky

Gamakatsu’s Tournament-winning Pro Staffer, Shinichi Fukae, never rests. On the heels of last year’s new Swivel Shot Drop Shot hook, he worked tirelessly with Gamakatsu’s engineers to develop the new G Finesse Weedless Wacky hook. Look closely and you’ll see, it’s not an ordinary weedless design. The weed guards are not plastic, they’re titanium wire—solidly encased and directly molded to the hook shank. They won’t come loose and they don’t vibrate or add resistance. The extremely thin gauge wire retains its shape, yet is flexible enough to compress with even the gentlest nibbles. Bass won’t feel a thing, until of course, the precision sharpened Gamakatsu hook does its job. The G Finesse Weedless Wacky hook features Gamakatsu’s exclusive Nano Smooth Coat finish to add stealth and reduce friction for effortless hook penetration. The hook itself features Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) that is a smaller diameter, yet stronger, than other Drop Shot hooks. Available in sizes 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0

G Finesse Worm Light with Tin Keeper

When conditions require finesse, the pros use new G Finesse Worm Light hooks. The light wire allows for threading of extremely small diameter worms with ease. Even the most fragile plastics are less likely to tear, saving on baits and increasing fishing time. The non-corrosive tin keeper doesn’t add weight. Like all G Finesse hooks, the Worm Light hook penetrates with significantly less force making them substantially more effective. Available in sizes 1, 1/0, and 2/0, all with Nano Smooth Coat Finish.

G Finesse Gamakatsu Tournament Snap

Gamakatsu’s Tournament Snap is better by design. Primarily used on plugs for bass, walleye, salmon, stripers, steelhead, trout, panfish and other species, Gamakatsu’s Tournament Snap is stainless steel and enables a full range of movement, enhancing the effectiveness of whatever plug is used. Better yet, and unlike other plug snaps, Gamakatsu’s Tournament Snap will not accidentally open. The clever design of the Tournament Snap stays closed at all times as the plug eye is threaded onto the snap. It’s easy and effective! Tested extensively and used under rigorous tournament conditions. Gamakatsu’s Tournament Snaps are available in two sizes, (M) Medium and (L) Large.

G Finesse Jig Head Wacky

Gamakatsu’s Jig Head Wacky is a vast improvement over other wacky jigs. The nickel/titanium weed guard is the first indication that Gamakatsu’s raised the bass fishing bar. This weed guard is small but mighty as it effectively clears hazards yet maintains its shape and rigidity under the most demanding use. The jig head is an improvement as well. Better designed to resist snags the hook eye is recessed to prevent getting hung-up in structure. Even the hook is different, a custom addition that’s based on a shiner hook but modified for the Jig Head Wacky. The result is a much higher ratio of hook-ups and landed fish than any other comparable brand. Available in Black and Green Pumpkin. Sizes: 1/0-1/16, 1/0-3/32, 1/0-1/8, 1/0-3/16

Green Pumpkin