Friday Aquarium Tank Seminar Schedule | 2019 ISE Sacramento

Friday Aquarium Tank Seminar Schedule | 2019 ISE Sacramento

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This local angler will be part of Champions Saturday .

BILLY HINES : A regular competitor on the FLW Tour, Billy has extensive knowledge on Lake Berryessa and Clear Lake and will pass along fish-catching tips.

TYLER BOUNDS & LUKE JOHNS : Both anglers have been active in the recent advancement of high school and college fishing. And they’ve qualified to fish several championships across the county. Tyler and Luke will team up to tell the next generation how to get involved in high school and college bass fishing tournaments!

JASON BOROFKA : Jason and wife Tara fish both the FLW Costa Series and Wild West Bass Trail. He finished 3rd this year at the US Open at Lake Mead and will be competing there again when the Costa Series kicks off its Western Circuit this spring. Jason’s G-rig multi-wire swimbait will be part of his fish-catching arsenal.

6:30 5:30 4:30 3:30 2:30 1:30 12:30 11:30 FRIDAY


Hosted by Sep Hendrickson

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NorCal’s Best Bryan Quick

Pyramid Lake-

Land of the

Giants Doug Ouellette

Fly Fishing Baja

Mike Rieser

What Do Trout Eat? Ernie Gulley

Fly Fishing... Field to Table Aaron Grabiel

Lower Yuba River Fly-Fishing

Jon Baiocchi

6:00 PM

Lake Tahoe Kokes,

Macks & Trout

Joby Cefalu

California’s Trout

Highway: 395

Greg Vinci

Fly Casting 101 Faults & Fixes

Matt Heron

Casting In

Difficult Conditions Mike Rieser

Never Throw a Tailing Loop

Chris King

Double-Handed Spey-Casting

Jeff Putnam

How to Become a Better Caster Jordan Romney

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& Effective

Mike Willis

11:00 AM See and Learn

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Local Ties!

Jim Berdan,

Les Warren,

Gerald Ng,

Tim Paxton,

Ray Ito, Gene Kaczmareck

2:00 PM See and Learn

the Best

Local Ties!

Robert Templ,

Les Warren,

Gerald Ng,

Tim Paxton, Jayson Langstoff, Gene Kaczmareck

5:00 PM

Jim Holmes, Mike Gervias, Joe Houston,

Tom Page,

Clay Hash, Wayne Chubb

12:00 PM

Targeting Ling- cod & Rockfish

Sao Vue

1:00 PM Trolling

with a


Rod Knoles

2:00 PM

Monster Lingcod Savanna Maddox and Matt Wong

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a Kayak Adam Koons

Gear & Tips for California Deer

Hunting Parrey Cremeans

Science Of

Spring-Time Turkey Hunting

Ed Migale

Meet Jen & the Girls with Guns... Prizes,

Gear, Food!

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Wilderness Archery

Sacramento Valley Waterfowl

James Stone

Outdoor Sprains &


NOLS Wilder- ness Medicine

Versatile Gundog Pup

Training Jess Spradley


Better with

Your Dog Phil Mueller

Bass w/ the Wild

West Champ

Bryant Smith

Fishing the

“New” Clear Lake Paul Bailey

Coast to Coast Bass Techniques Jimmy Reese

NorCal Spotted Bass Cody Meyer

Tools and Tips to Finesse Bass Greg Gutierrez

Ultimate Bass

Kent Brown

Catch Them from the Back

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