2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 13

2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 13

MOB+ ™ Basepack

MOB+™ Basepack is our base option to get started. In the Basepack you get all you need to start using MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch. The Basepack consists of the xHUB™, xFOB™, Cables, Antenna, Cable Splices, User Manual and a CR2032 Battery for the xFOB.

MOB+ ™ xFOB ™

Everyone using the boat can have their personal wireless cut-off switch. The xHUB remembers up to 20 xFOBs, just pair more units and anyone using the boat can enjoy the freedom onboard. Only one connection is allowed at one time, preferably the driver. Combine the xFOB with either the xTAG™ or a xBAND™ in your choice of colors.

MOB+ ™ xTAG ™

With the xTAG you can choose to wear the xFOB around your neck, clip it on your life jacket or belt. The clip-on is standard measure to fit on all garments and life jackets equipped with lash tab. Tip: The xTAG can also be placed on pets or small children. If the xHUB is not connected to an engine it will act as an alarm in a MOB-event.

MSRP: 179.99 USD

US Version Only

MSRP: 39.99 USD US Version Only

MSRP: 19.99 USD



US Patent no. 5,838,227

FELL Marine App

To make use and installation even easier we have developed our own App, FELL Marine App. In the App you can view new information regarding FELL Marine, see user guide and installation guide plus more. Download from App Store or Google Play.

MOB+ ™ xBAND ™

Choose your personal color for your xBAND. The xBAND is in some cases available in color and brand from your boat and engine manufacturer. See more at www.fellmarine.com/products


MSRP: 19.99 USD

We have tested and certified MOB+to meet all the current standards – for your safety. ABYC A33 & E-11 Compliant (US Emergency engine/propulsion cut-off devices standard)

Wireless EMC IP Grade Materials Flammability

US: FCC Part 15C US: CISPR16

EU: R&TTE - ETSI EN 300 220

EU: EN 301 489 xFOB™: IP68, xHUB™: IP67 EN60945

RoHS (2002/95/EC)

IEC 60950 1&22