shoreline Marine 2016 Catalog !, Page 3

shoreline Marine 2016 Catalog !, Page 3




LLLiiiggghhhttt,,, LLLEEEDDD RRSuaebicl ems3esr3esdibMleoUutn cS ilitt oh y n / o L3 sr i3v eu e lmi w ne e e l r l sM 3 ba 6 uriynem ™ aarinnde “aC RRR c ooo ac ddd pets HHH as ooo ion lllddd r eee Wie rrr,,, se SUT . o e innu k igvr e enler n asm d a5l ” eM4n a to r Eu e dn c itti h on a 5 n 4 g 6 i 8 ng the way

Trolling Motor Bracket 62 Trolling Motor Pull Cord 56 Trolling, Telescoping Ext Handle 56

LLiigghhtt,, LPEoDrtaUbtlielitCy lSamtripp-O3n6 L 4 o 1 ye Futch, “Captai RR n oodd W HHoo e lldd e ee k rr, e RWa n icr d eks ”, 545 a 4 twenty five year

Trolling Motor Connectors 56 Twist Type Drain Plug 43

LLiigghhttsS, aCvlearm, Wp-aOtenr-BAocwtivat3e v 7d et 5 e 8 ran of the marin RR e oollllee in rr,, d PDoe u ley s p8 t V” ry KKee a eell nd 2255 professional

U-Bolt Spare Tire Carrier, Steel 15

Lights, Clamp-On Stern 3 b 8 oat mechanic will i R n o s lle t r i , ll Po c ly o B m ow ple 2 t 5 e confidence LLuigbhets P, uUmndpe, rLwoawteerr U3n5it 4 in 7 your marine acce RR s oo s llllee o rr,, r SS y eplof c -oC u l e s n2 t te5 o ri m ng er 2 s 5 through

Ultimate Kayak Bag 74 Universal Kayak Seat 75 Universal Deck Key 48

Lubricant Pen 57

Shoreline’s exclusive RRoo , llllee e rr,, a SV s -uS y phea t rp o Peo f Bly o o3 l w l - o Pi w e2c5e D B I o Y w in 2 s 5 tallation

Universal Hose Clamps 45 Universal Fuel Filter 49

MMiilrdaecwle SWtarainpRe4m5over 26 and repair videos. Safety Blaster 61

Universal Primer Bulbs 49 Universal Snap 14

Marine First Aid kit- 32pc 63

Safety Flags 62

Utility line - Polypropylene 4

Marine Padlock / Covered 15

Safety Flag w/Mount 69

Utility, Eye Hook 14

MMeurltci-uPryu ® rpFouseel FLiitnteing- sMF5P0 W 5 e’ve partnered wit SS h acfr L eetw o y ST y yp e prein a ,g2 n Hp d cooC p ko r p o l1r f 3L e o s ck sio 1 n 8 ally

Vinyl Cleaner/Polish w/PTFE 27

Multi-Purpose Line - Polyp p ro r p o yl d en u e ce 5 d an entire s Se e a r t i s es 1 o 7 f step-by-step, super Multi-Purpose Line - Sol Br s d im Ny p lon le 5 videos that w SS i ee ll aatt w ,BB a raa l sc k eke c t, o 1C6 n la s m u -O m n er 1 s 7 through the

Wash & Wax 26 Waterproof Box 69

NNoonD-KamidpDHecukmCidleifiaenrer2726 most popular mainte SSee n aa a ttsP n Se c wd e eivs , etla r ,l e sFl p at a 17 ir 17 and installation

Waterproof Pouch, Phone/Camera 55 Waterproof Pouch, Reader/Camera 59

NNNyyollnoo-nnSACkinldetaeTtna,np4ae" De67c31k Moun pt t oro 5 k 6 jnecotws ttohakteeevpertyheD SSS ir eek IY iaa p rttt,ss rw ,,K iz PMa ee oyoas ed uktns k Ht pe sa no l1f 6 ds 166 sb 5 eosastioenr nweeeldl s

Waterproofing w/PTFE 27 Wheel Chock 19 Wheeled Kayak Carrier w/Strps 70

Oarlock Clamp-On 66 maintained with top SS q ppao u rne a gT l e it irw y e/CL S aanr h ryie o arr r dw e ,/K li L n aoy e cakk M 27 a 05 rine

Wheel Stop 23 Whistle, Kayak 73

OOaarrlloocckk HHoorrnnss CClharmomp-eoZna p m6a r 6 o k d 6 u 6 cts.

Spring-loaded Bearing Protector 20 Stand-Up Board Leash 76

Whistles, Safety 61 Winch Cable 24

Oarlock Horns w/ Pins 66

Stand-Up Cargo Net 76

Winch Hook, Utility 14

Oarlock Sockets 66

Stand-Up Paddle Carry Straps 75

Oars, Aluminum 67 Shoreline’s “Captain S W tan e d e -U k p e P n a d d ” dle v C id ar e C o ar s rie e r r K ie it s 7 i 7 ncludes

Winch Rope 24 Winch Strap 24

Offset Tire Carrier 20

Stand-Up Wall Craddles 77

Wire Rod Holder 52

Oil Changer, 12V 47 specific installation p St r a o n c d- e U d p u W r a e is s t , Po tr u i c c h ks 77 and safety tips inclu W d ir i i n ng g C : onnectors, 4-Way Trailer 21

Oil Fill Spout/Spill Buster 51

Stern Light, Adjustable All- Around 37

Oil Mixing Bottle 48 • Electrical: Installa S t t i e o r n n L o ig f ht U B n as d e e N r y w lon at C e o r ve L r ig 3 h 7 ts and Utility S Y t a r m ip ah L a i ® g F h ue t l s Fittings 50

Oil Transfer Pump 47

Stern Light Globe 35

Outboard Motor Lock 15 • Plumbing: Replacin SS g ttiocrk B a-gO i e l n g lo e Torap P il,e u Kr a m Ryea p flke , ct L 7o i 0r v s e 2 W 1 ell Pump

PPaTdEdFleP rCelmipisu,mKaMyaarkine7P2oli • sh Tr 2 a 6 ilering: Replacin SS g ttrreat T pc, r hS a C. i S l o e rEd r yse Li 5 g 175 hts, Swing Up Jack, Winch

PPaaddddllee, HSotaldnedr-BUupnAgdejeu,sKtaab • ylaek M 7 o 76 t 4 or: Fuel Line As SS s ww e iittcc m hh,e b sB, l r y aBs , ras M sPsu o Tso t h o g/Pg r lue F ll lu 332 s 2 her and Lower Unit Gear Lube

Paddle, Stand-Up Aluminum 76

Swivel Eye Snap 14

PPaaddddllee,s,TeAlleusmcionpuimc 6655 • Hardware: Seat Ins Ta ta bl l e l t a D t r i y o P n ouch 55

PPaaddddlleess,, CFiabneorgelas6s5Kayak • 6 A 7 nchoring: Freshw TT a aa t pil e eL,i r gNh A ot n n KiS c t,k h Uid o nd r e i 5 n r78 g 0” an 2 d 2 General Anchoring Tips

PPaaddddlleess,, XK-aIIyaKkaya6k7 67 • General Accessorie TTee s llee : sscc H oopp o iicc w BPao t da o dt lH p eo r o o 6k p 5s er 6 l 5 y install rod holders and cup holders

Paddles, X-III Kayak 67

Telescopic Paddle Hook 65

Paddlesport Cleaner 73

Telescoping Pole and Brush Kit 27

Padlock, Brass 15

Terminal, Battery Kit 30

Pontoon Ladder, Aluminum 57 Plugs, Kayak Scupper 71 Plug, Snap Drain 43 Pole Light Storage Clips 37 Power Plug & Socket 31 Prop Wrench 48 Pump, Bucket Aerator 40

WH • C AO H I TTTTTTT LPW O ooorrhieaaggg L r W T -iiullgggDee- A lllrr T eeeHo S T BBwu O BSS IH aa O l N nwwlosllllos O SiiC D tt T tcct W or4 W hh I O a1v3ee E 3pe9ss E 2 - r,s I - Y O B ET 72r F O 3 K a1P F s R 9 U o E ss A IR i N t G i3 N o D 2n HC A ’TUS 3 N . 2 S C DT H IO O Y R MVEIRDSE O S

Pump, Livewell 45

Trailer Bunk Padding, Polyester 25

Trailer Circuit Tester 21

Queaz-Away 63

Trailer Circuit Tester In-line 21

Quick Links 13

Trailer Hitch Guide Ons 24

Trailer Jack Wheel 23

Receiver Hitch Lock 19

Trailer Jacks, Swing-Up 23

Recessed Mount w/Cover 68

Trailer Lift, EZ-Lift 23

Reflectors, Stick-On Trailer 21

Trailer Receiver Pin w/ Clip 19

Retrieval Ring 9

Trailer Reflective Tape Strip 20

Rocker Switches 32

Trailer Safety Chain 19

Rod Extension Holder, Kayak 75

Trailer Winches, Single Drive 24

Rod Hold-Down 54

Trailer Wiring Kits 21

Rod Holder, Adjustable Rail Mount 54

Trailer Wiring Connectors, 4-way 21

Rod Holder, Flush Mount 54

Transom Saver Dual Mount 20

Rod Holder, Flush Mount Kayak 68

Transom Saver Rocker Style 20

Rod Holder, Mount w/Cover 68

Transom Tie Downs 24

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