Anglers Marine BAT 2015, Page 8

Anglers Marine BAT 2015, Page 8




I am blessed beyodwords to win my second Elite in a row at the St. Lawrence River. I’m kind of speech- less to be honest with you. BassFest was such an amazing win. I had some near misses at Kentucky Lake in the past and to close it out was a really good feeling. The automatic Classic berth was the big relief though and I think having that behind me really gave me a decided advantage at the St. Law- rence. I didn’t have a good practice at all but I worked really hard at it and I felt good about my plan going into Day One. I took a pretty decided risk but with risk comes reward. Mental confidence and decision making is such a huge part of this sport. When it’s going well, everything comes naturally and when it’s not, it seems like you always zig when you should have zagged. I guess that’s why we love the Sport so much. No two days are alike.

There’s a lot of fishing left this year but I’ve climbed to fourth in the AOY standings, which is pretty amazing given my start to the season. It and a Classic trophy are the ultimate goal. The only thing I know is you can’t win either if you’re not in position to and at least I’ve given myself an opportunity.

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