Late Season Cold Water Bass Movement by Scott Petersen, Page 2

Late Season Cold Water Bass Movement by Scott Petersen, Page 2

Winter 2022

As these seasonal movement begin, you will start to see the bass hold in areas from the inside weedline to the outside weed line. If you are curious if an area is holding bass, look for available food sources. If you do not see evidence of food on your electronics or with your eyes, there is a good chance that these areas will not be holding many bass.


The first and easiest bass to find will be bass in the shallows. These bass will adjust daily, reacting to changing water temperatures and conditions along with following food sources.

When looking for shallow bass, you can start with either a spinnerbait or vibrating jig to cover water and generate strikes.

This helps an angler to get an idea of what is happening. A few bites can give a sense of where the bass are located.

After generating bites with moving baits, a jig can be used to pick areas apart. There may be bass sitting on cover edges like weeds or bottom changes, and jigs are a perfect way to slow down and investigate those details. The inactive bass may not chase moving baits, but they can be attracted to bite a slower presentation during these colder water periods.


Taking a slight step deeper, I really start to rely more on crankbaits than anything else because of the water depth