Hook Details Part Twowith Marc Marcantonio, Page 3

Hook Details Part Twowith Marc Marcantonio, Page 3

G-Lock Hook




Stinger Hook

Winter 2022

The deep hooking ability of the O’Shaugnessy bend hook is shown with this 4-pound smallie.

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in my landing ratio by using an old-school O’Shaugnessy bend jig hook.

The upswept bend of an O’Shaugnessy style hook makes the lure easier for bass to scoop from the bottom. Consequently, they are taken deeper in the mouth, and the smaller gap helps keep the jig tight to the bass and more difficult to throw when they shake their head. I now pour all my football head jigs and tube jigs with the O’Shaugnessy Gamakatsu #111 jig hook.


Soft Jerkbaits & Texas-Rigged Senkos

Soft jerkbaits like my favorite Yamamoto D-Shad are both bulky and soft. Same with a Senko. When fished

in situations where line test is between 12- and

20-pound test, the hook style must be light

enough in wire size to maximize the lure

movement, have a deep enough

bend to accommodate the bulky

plastic, and have the proper shank

bend at the eye to aid in keeping the

soft plastic in the correct position

with minimal damage.

Professional angler Mike

McClelland pays attention to details

and has developed the G-Finesse

Hybrid Worm Hook (made by

Gamakatsu). For anglers who just

want a hook that works, look no



For tackle nerds like me,

5.18 pound the features are impressive. The

largemouth tournament grade wire is forged to

caught on a be strong but is small in diameter

Yamamoto to be lightweight for maximum

D-Shad with lure action. It is coated with nano

a 4/0 Hybrid technology for easy and quick

Worm Hook. penetration.

A Senko rigged Texas-style with

this “Hybrid Worm Hook” will wiggle

like a dog’s wagging tail as it sinks

through the water column.

A soft jerkbait like the D-Shad

will dart like an evading minnow

because this hook is the ideal weight

and configuration. Equally important

in the design is the “R” bend (also