Wintertime bass fishing lure for cold water

swaver tips with ish monroe


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Here’s what you n ® eed to know to glide like Ish Mo A nro D e. V E R T O R I A L

Winter 2022

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The River2Sea S-Waver is designed to produce a natural “S” shaped glide when swimming through the water. It is said to “seductively wake the surface” to call the bigguns in for a closer look. Position of the rod can dictate the swim zone of the lure. Rod tip up keeps the lure on the top, lower to allow the swimmer a slow sink and glide under the water.


Keeping it super simple, is his motto for the glider.

“I just wind,” he said. “I don’t change anything up, just wind with a constant speed and let the S-Waver do its thing.” The best advice he offers is “don’t overthink it”


Ish’s S-Waver targets are endless.

“I like it around docks, wood, break lines, ledges, over grass, near rock or even open water – just everywhere,” he said.


The majority of time, Ish throws the 200 version.

That is the size that have on at least 90 percent of the time,” he said. “I like to throw big baits because they catch big bass. Maybe about 10 percent of the time, I throw the 168 and that is because the fish are finicky.”


Ish has three go-to S-Waver colors.

“More often than not, I will throw the Ghost Trout,” he

said. “It is what

I have the most confidence in and it matches the baitfish, even if there are no trout in the lake,” Ish also will opt for Regular Trout when the water is a little dirtier or Powder.

“I like Powder for places where I want to see them eat the bait,” he said. “The Powder S-Waver looks like a big egg swimming through the water. It really stands out.”


Ish ties the S-Waver on

Daiwa Samurai J-Fluoro.

“The target depth

dictates the line size,” he

explained. “Mostly, I throw it

on 20-pound-test; but I will

go to 16-pound in deeper

water. I use the Camo or the

Clear line” •