Fishing Deep Water, Shallow by John Liechty, Page 3

Fishing Deep Water, Shallow by John Liechty, Page 3


Winter 2022

page 42

fluke, twitched erratically, momentarily breaking the surface and then falling lifelessly can be insane.


This is one of the best techniques to use for the offshore suspended fish. The beauty of the bait is you can count it down to a desired depth and slow-retrieve it back to the boat at that depth. I’ve caught fish 15-feet down over 200-feet plus –

many times, and during all the seasons.


During the fall, winter and early spring, many fish that suspend and want a do-nothing offering. I believe fish will come a long way up for something that is sitting still, just a few feet under the surface. They see it hit and fall, then leisurely mosey over. As they get closer, they think if it’s still there when I get there, I’m going to eat it.


When there is a pile of bait from the bottom up 30, 40 or 50-feet, many fish will feed or hang above them. An A-rig

counted down to that depth and retrieved ticking the top of the ball of shad will get roped. Big balls of bait can be found over extremely deep water and using this rig to stir them up is a great option.


When the fish are found with electronics, but not too high in the water column, we can vertically fish for them. First, I will try to trigger them with a spoon.

If that doesn’t do the trick, a dropshot is next best.

Also, sometimes the larger fish will sit under schools and wait for the injured shad to fall. A dropshot can be used to go beneath the smaller fish a replicate an easy meal.

Remember timing is one of the most crucial aspects in fishing and locating fish. Pay close attention to your indicators and visible targets.

Choose the best presentation and strike while the iron is hot. These windows of opportunity can open and close in moments. •