The Juice is Worth the Squeeze by Marc Marcantonio, Page 3

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze by Marc Marcantonio, Page 3


Winter 2022



Until new boats come with a nuclear power plant, or

Batteries Plus Bulbs which is a 100AH AGM marine dual-

someone puts floating charging stations on every lake,

purpose battery. This is a beast, weighing 75lbs and sports

we need alternate power solutions. Power isn’t the only

1150CCA, 1370MCA, and most importantly 220 Reserve

consideration; interference-free energy is critical to see the

Capacity Minutes. This is where many anglers go wrong

detail modern fishfinders can show.

with their starting battery choice.

Having enough cranking amps for the outboard


is important, but having enough power to run all your electronics is equally important. This battery or one with

Boat manufacturers rig bassboats to use the starting

similar specs can power the biggest outboard motors and

battery to power every electronic on the boat except the

boat electronics all day. My starting battery powers my

trolling motor. By default, our fishfinders are on the same

iCommand digital gauges, NMEA 2000 network, navigation

circuit as our aerators, bilge pumps, and other electronics

and courtesy lights, aerators, bilge pumps, running lights,

that introduce interference and obscures fish detection.

and horn.

Power consumption has greatly increased and considering

modern MFD (Multi-Functional Displays, aka sonar/GPS units) capabilities and high cost, it is important to understand how to


provide the voltage these unit’s demand.

House batteries are well known on saltwater boats,

My overriding consideration was to provide dedicated

but until recently are less common in bass boats. House

8 or 10-gauge marine grade tinned multi-strand duplex

batteries typically power your boat electronics like

wire directly to my MFD’s at the console and bow. Utilizing

fishfinders, so they don’t deplete your starting battery for

an isolated wiring setup prevents significant voltage drops

safety purposes.

and prevents introducing interference from other boat

Ultimately, I found that a Lithium Ion 100AH battery

electronics such as aerators and bilge pumps. This will

makes a great house battery without adding much weight

improve the quality of your images. Friends that see my

or bulk. I added one to my system that was designed with a

electronics on the water are amazed at the superior images “starting BMS” (Battery Management System).

my MFDs display.

I only have my Lowrance HDS LIVE 12 and 16 units on

If you have ever started your outboard in the afternoon this house battery to avoid the potential of interference

and your sonar units blinked or shutdown, you have

which provides crystal clear images all day long. Lithium

experienced the problem of inadequate voltage supply. You

batteries maintain consistent voltage all day without a

need the right battery, and just as important you

significant drop, so they are ideal for powering MFD’s. The

need dedicated wiring to get maximum

starting BMS built into the battery provides

voltage direct to your MFDs.

outboard starting redundancy. My

house battery can be used with


my jump start switch if needed

to start my outboard without

Outboard motor manufacturers

damage to the outboard or

recommend using a lead-based


starting battery to prevent damage to

Having power

the outboard’s

redundancy can

alternator and to

be critical when

prevent sudden

needing to return to

shut-down which

the ramp during a

could be dangerous

tournament, or an

at high speed.

upcoming storm. If

There are lithium

you have fished a

starting batteries

night tournament

available (see my

you know the value

house battery

of a house battery.

below) but the

If you have ever

safe play is to use

fished big water

a flooded wet-cell

and took on water

or AGM battery

in your boat, you

that can start

understand the

your outboard and

need to have power

act as a storage

for not only your

battery capable of

outboard but to

running your boat’s

keep your bilge


pumps working.

I installed the

This bass was spotted using live sonar 65-feet to the side

A house battery

X2Power from

provides safety.