From Bass Boat to Kayak with Obedie Williams by Jody Only, Page 2

From Bass Boat to Kayak with Obedie Williams by Jody Only, Page 2

Winter 2022




By Jody Only

w T i O th K O A be Y d A i K e Williams


rom the West Coast and beyond, there are not

many in the fishing world that haven’t seen or

heard the fun that Obedie Williams of Disco Bay brings to the water.

From robe fishing on the dock to the Orange Crush

cakes he awarded for “crushin’ it with younders at the O

Opens, Obedie is always ready to liven up the D or any body

of water.

Way before his reputation preceded him in the manner

it does now, I had the honor of being at a Wednesday

nighter out of Ladd’s. It was July 30, 2014, and Obedie

brought in a 30-pound sack that held two bass for

20-pounds – an 11.2 and a 9.8. It was a fishing sesh of

phenomenal proportion and a night that ranks as one of

most memorable events that I’ve photographed! Truly epic!

Since that time, O has added kayak basser to his


Here, he talks how his kayak passion was sparked and

the journey it has taken him on.

WB: Tell us how you got started?

WILLIAMS: It was my fans. It was about three or four years ago. I was in my backyard in Discovery Bay, and I could hear the Salmon busting in the back pocket of my yard. My boat was in the front yard, so I couldn’t get to ‘em; but I had my yellow Costco kayak. I jumped into it, paddled down there, and filmed myself trying to catch this salmon. I hooked into him. He pulled me all around and I lost him. So, I posted it on Facebook and Wes Jones saw it. He commented that I should come fish out of a real kayak. In my mind, I was like aren’t kayaks all the same? But that started a bunch of kayak guys posting that I should come out and try the kayak game. That’s how it all started.

WB: So how did your fan’s post lead into kayak tournaments?

WILLIAMS: A buddy got me a kayak and we went up to Camanche. I was blown away by what the fishing kayak looked like compared to a

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