Ken Mahs Historic Accomplishment by Jody Only, Page 2

Ken Mahs Historic Accomplishment by Jody Only, Page 2

Winter 2022

WB: When you look back over some of the greatest accomplishments by some of the biggest names in the sport, comparing what you did, in the same time frame on multiple bodies of water, it is amazing. Now that you’ve had a few to digest it, how do you feel about it?

MAH: Even though it is said that I am a “Delta guy”, a win there has eluded me for decades; so, a lot of boxes got checked for me in one season and on multiple bodies of water. Beyond that, it is so hard to win a major. Some people fish their whole career to be fortunate enough to win just one, much less three. I think about this, and I just know if it wasn’t me, and it was someone else, we would be sitting around talking about this accomplishment and how amazing it was.

WB: Does this set you up for more pressure next season to repeat the success?

MAH: I don’t think so. I think it makes me calmer. I am definitely still hungry and

I’m ultra-competitive. No matter where we go, when I put my boat in the water, I always feel like I am going to win one, once in a while and there are still some things that I want to be able to check off in my career. One of ‘em was winning a major on the Delta. Now, I got that; but I want a U.S. Open trophy. I want a MLF trophy and when I’m done, I want to have won 10 of these majors. There is not a lot of people

that can say they’ve won 10.

WB: And, if you did all that in the next season or two, you still wouldn’t be done though right… because knowing you, I would say you would always just have another goal.

MAH: Goals and records are meant to be broken and I associate that to the highest-level sporting events. Everyone talks about how great Michael Jordan and Tom Brady are. In one of the Michael Jordan books I read, it said that he had no doubt that someone greater than him would come and break his records.