Targeting Big Bass for the New Season by Glenn Walker, Page 3

Targeting Big Bass for the New Season by Glenn Walker, Page 3

Winter 2022


Photo: Chad Eddings




Photo: Chad Eddings


places where other lures can’t go, or other anglers don’t want to put it, is where you can take advantage of hooking up with some monster bass. These bass hid in these areas for a reason. They are protected and there is a massive amount of food for them to eat.

Being that the cover you are throwing your frog into is quite dense, using a braided line is a must as it will get you a rock-solid hook set and not break when wrapped around vegetation. I’ll spool up a high-speed reel with 65-pound Seaguar Smackdown braid, as it casts very smooth and has no stretch.

As I’ve highlighted above, cover that you’ll find big bass hiding is very dense and tough. Do not be afraid to make multiple casts to the same piece of cover and from different angles as many times that big bass will take it’s time biting. These fish have gotten big for a reason; they are opportunistic feeders and aren’t fooled lightly, so it will take patience and commitment from you the angler.


Nothing screams big bass more than fishing a swimbait.

From large glider style baits to big soft plastic paddle- tails, a swimbait mimics what big bass eat, big bluegills or shad. Based on the time of year and the depth of water you are fishing, the swimbait you choose, and fish can be adapted to your given scenario.

If you are fishing open water, hard body swimbaits with treble hooks are great choices, whereas if you are fishing around vegetation, or skipping a swimbait under boat docks, a BIG soft plastic paddle-tail swimbait, rigged on a big hook, keeps your bait from getting hung up.

Being that swimbaits mimic the forage bass are eating, you’ll want to use baits that match the hatch, both in style, color, and size.

Whether a hard body bait, or a soft plastic style, you need to pay close attention to the rigging and retrieve of that bait, ensuring that it as natural as possible. If your swimbait is rigged crooked and is not running true, a big bass likely won’t be interested in eating it.

As you look to plan your fishing trips next year, don’t be afraid to plan some days where big bass will be all that is on your mind. •