lures and methods to catch winter bass

Targeting Pockets for Bass

Winter 2021


Texas-rigged soft plastic, such as the Zoom Z-Craw or if a more compact finesse presentation is needed, the Z-Craw Jr. My weight on the Texas-rig will depend on how heavy of cover I’m flipping. I’ll go as small as 5/16-ounce and up to a 1/2-ounce, in either instance I use is a 4/0 Lazer TroKar (TK133) Pro V Bend Flippin Hook.

Since I’m in shallow water and don’t want to disturb the bass, I’ll ease up on them with my MinnKota Ultrex Trolling Motor with a T-H Marine G-Force Eliminator Prop Nut on it and then deploy my dual Talon’s. This will help keep my boat control on point and eliminate the instances of my prop churning up the water.


As I idle into or out of pocket or when fishing, I pay attention to the electronics as there may be some great bottom changes that will hold fish.

Areas with a slightly deeper trench running up to shore, or a hard bottom area in an otherwise mud bottom pocket, can be prime locations for a school of bass to group up.

Many times, these pockets have no cover in them, besides what is on the shoreline, thus making the middle desolate of bass. But, if there is an isolated piece of cover

offshore, then you can be

pretty darn sure that a large

concentration of bass will be

relating to it. This isolated

cover could be a brush pile,

stump, rock pile or weed


My favorite way to fish

something like this is a Texas-

rigged Zoom Magnum Trick

Worm, rigged on a TroKar

5/0 Magworm hook with a

1/2-ounce tungsten weight in

front of it.

As you are putting hours

on the water, keep an open

eye and mind to fishing the

pockets and coves that your

Photo: Zach Rinn

lake or river has. Spend the

time to learn their details as

you may be able exploit bass

in that area all spring. •

Photo: Bartusek

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