wintertime fishing for spotted bass at Shasta

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By David A. Brown

Winter 2021

for Shasta’s winter spots


e’s fished all over

the western United

States and notched more tournament wins than we

can count on some of the nation’s

top bass waters. But give Gary

Dobyns his choice of winter outings

and every single time, he’ll launch

his boat in what he considers the

Golden State’s premier fishery —

Shasta Lake.

“It’s just a fish factory; it’s the

best bass fishery in California,

period,” Dobyns said. “There’s just

no place that compares to Shasta.

It’s primarily a spotted bass fishery,

but there are some smallies in

there and there are some really

good largemouth in there.”

Dobyns has enjoyed Shasta

in various seasons, but he calls

December-February his favorite