Kayak Bass Prep for Winter

Ryan Cook Talks Winter Kayak Fishing


Winter 2021

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BAIT: Alabama-rig (five-wire, 1/4-ounce jig heads, 3.2” teaser baits, 3.8 to 4.3” on jig heads) COLOR(S): shad, baitfish ROD/REEL: 7’3” to 8’, medium-heavy, fast action bait casting rod with a 7.2:1 bait cast reel LINE: 15- to 20-pound fluorocarbon PRO TIP(S): Cook reports that most anglers fish the A-rig way too fast. He likes to keep this bait near or on

the bottom and vary the retrieve. Causing a change in cadence or direction will trigger the bite. Snap

it, twitch it, pop it – just don’t chuck and wind and expect success.

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BAIT: 1-ounce jigging spoon COLOR: chrome ROD/REEL: 7’ to 7’6”, medium-heavy, moderate-fast action bait casting rod with an 8:1 bait cast reel LINE: 15-pound fluorocarbon PRO TIP(S): Cook advised dialing in on the bait with electronics. He suggested starting in the creek

channels and moving around until the biggest ball of bait is located. Get them fired up and keep

the fired up. It’s a short-lived bite that can be fast and furious. Just jig it straight up and down

using a simple stop and drop technique.