Ryan Cook Talks Winter Kayak Fishing

Packing Up for Wintertime Kayak Fishing

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By Steve Melan ® der

with Professional Fishing Guide

Ryan Cook of RC Fishing

or many kayak bass anglers, the thought of fishing

in the winter does not inspire confidence. Colder

weather, lower water temps and less active fish does not sound like much fun. However, if you know to

He spends the majority of his time fishing in big boats but has a fair amount of experience in the kayak and understands the benefits and the limitations.

He emphasized the importance of keeping it simple

prepare, where to find them and how to catch them it can be when fishing from the kayak and focusing on maximizing

some of the best fishing of the year.

fishing time and limiting travel time for best results.

To break it down, I met up with full-time professional

“When you are fishing from a kayak, focus on high

fishing guide Ryan Cook of RC Fishing. Cook spends over

percentage areas such as main lake points, island tops, steep

250 days a year on the water guiding clients and fishing the bluff walls and creek channels,” stated Cook. “Keep your bait

occasional tournament throughout all seasons and in all

selections simple and keep your line in the water as much as

conditions in Northern California.


Wintertime fishing on the Motherlode

In the spirt of keeping things simple, he limited the baits

reservoirs is some of his

to five selections that can be handled with just 3 rod and reel

favorite fishing. setups.

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