Bass Catching on Tidal Waters

Bass Fishing Strategies with Ish Monroe


Winter 2021

When he’s hunting true giants, the type that act as the ultimate kicker or a personal best, this is prime time for a swimbait, and the veteran Bass Pro Tour angler dotes heavily on an S-Waver 200. In addition to providing an 8-inch profile that attracts both bigger fish and tournament- grade studs, it excels with proper gliding action when you reel it at a glacial pace.

“Big fish don’t like fast-moving baits,” he said. “If you have to wind it fast to get that tail action, you might catch two-pounders, but you won’t catch a lot of giants.”

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His go-to color is a trout imitation, even on fisheries where there are no trout.

“It’s not about the color, it’s about the glide,” he said. “If you’re working it right, it could be purple with yellow polka dots and you’d still catch some on it.”

He fishes it on an 8’ Daiwa Tatula Elite Swimbait rod, and recommends a Tatula 300 reel (f you prefer low profile reels) or a Luna 300 (if you prefer round reels). Either way, he spools it with 20- or 25-pound test Daiwa J-Fluoro Samurai.

There’s nothing complex about Monroe’s system. Indeed, as he gets older and more experienced, he increasingly focuses on “simplifying my tackle.”

Instead, he is careful to be in places where fish are actively biting at a given moment. He may not be in shorts, slinging salad into his office, but in late fall, Monroe knows where the fish have been, and he’s tuned into where they are headed. •

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