MLF Pro Talks Delta Bass

Coast to Coast Fishing with Ish Monroe

By Pete Robbin ® s

Winter 2021




or someone like me, used to fishing the weedy

waters of the east, I figured he’d take the same

late fall, early winter tact as we do on Florida’s weedy waters. When a series of cold fronts pushes

“Over there, when it dies off, it turns brown and retains the heat,” he explained. That makes the water under it warmer, and congregates finicky Florida strains beneath the canopy. That doesn’t happen on his home

through and starts to kill off the greenery, anglers in the

waters of the Delta, however.

Sunshine State flip the dead stuff.

“In Florida the vegetation dies off,” he said. That could

be hydrilla or hyacinths or some

other form of habitat.

Ish Doin’ Work with Biggie

“In the west, there’s no dead

vegetation. It eventually just

goes away,” he said.

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