2 Skills for Deep Water Bass Fishing Success

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By Marc Marcantonio

Winter 2021


ost beginning bass anglers develop their skills

in shallow water. Once they become proficient

with their equipment, selecting the optimal lures, and understanding where to find bass, a level of

confidence and success develops that transforms a hobby

into a passion. At some point these same anglers begin to

wonder if they are ignoring bass located on the other side of

their boat, in deep water.

An occasional courtesy cast tests the depths, and

with no immediate love anglers revert to their comfort

level and continue to pound the shallows. If you are one of

these anglers, and are ready to transcend to the next level,

continue reading.


Realize bass are predators. Predators range wherever prey abound. When fishing shallow it is easy to see baitfish, crayfish, and other prey, so you know you are fishing productive water.

It is much more challenging to see prey where you cannot see the bottom of the lake or river.

So why do some anglers seem to be able to load the boat in depths far away from shallow water?

In simple terms these advanced anglers have learned how to locate suitable habitat in deep water that has an abundant food supply. This is especially important in the winter when many year-of-young prey abandon the shallows that become less attractive with winter storms and colder temperatures.


There are two skills a good deep-water angler must develop to be consistently successful. The most obvious is the ability to interpret your electronics. If you read my

previous articles in WesternBass.com about Lowrance

Image Interpretation, it will go a long way to shortening

your learning curve. If you learn to use quality

electronics like Lowrance LIVE units and the appropriate

transducer selections, you will be able to find both prey

and habitat where deep bass live.

The second skill is far less obvious and is often

overlooked by even experienced anglers. This is the skill

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