Cold Precision by Sean Ostruszka

Garmin Panoptix Livescope Fishing Electronics are changing the sport


Winter 2021


very few years, something comes out that

greatly enhances our fishing abilities. Power

Poles, side-scan technology, the Alabama rig – all of these, be it short or long term, sent significant ripples

through the industry.

Garmin’s Panoptix Livescope is the latest, and

according to professional anglers like Spencer Shuffield

from the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit. It may have truly

changed the game forever.

“Electronics will keep improving, and a decade from

now we will look back and probably say how bad what

we have now was,” said Shuffield. “Here’s the thing about

Livescope, though – from now on, the fish will never be

able to hide.”

It’s true. Livescope

has the ability to locate

fish – not just cover or

structure but individual

fish – like nothing before.

It’s why throughout this

past tournament season,

many times you heard

pros say fishing without

it was basically fishing for


Of course, this

is probably not new

information to you at

this point. Yet, with

the technology being

so new, fishing with

it in the colder winter

months may be a new

phenomenon. Thus, we

talked to Shuffield – one

of the pros who has adopted the technology more than most anyone else – to ask how Livescope can benefit you during the toughest season of the year.

For him, it comes down to two things – precision and the opportunity to watch fish react.


In Arkansas where Shuffield lives, winter fishing centers around deep brush near the main channel with Alabama rigs and jerkbaits. Livescope hasn’t changed that fact at all.

What is has done, though, is made it so he can fish it far more efficiently and precise than ever before.

“Before Livescope,

you’d see guys pull up on

a spot where they know

there’s a piece of brush,

fan cast around five or six

casts, and if they didn’t

get anything move on,”

said Shuffield. “But really,

they never truly knew

if their lures were even

near the brush. Even if

they lined up on it and

knew the exact cast, the

never truly knew if their

lure got down even close

to the brush.

“Now, I don’t just

know exactly where the

brush is and how far

away from the boat it

is, but I can watch my

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