Aaron Martens and Ish Monroe Weigh In

West Coast Pros Weigh In on the Japan Cali Lure Connection

Winter 2021



get my house that clean. But, working with them on lures is fun and it makes me a better fisherman.”

Since Monroe and Martens first visited Japan, the figurative distance between the

two countries has faded slightly, as JDM

tackle has become more widespread, eBay

has made it more readily accessible, and the

internet has shrunk the world. Nevertheless,

there remains a certain mystique.

“We love all Japanese products and

they love all U.S. products,” Monroe said.

“Look at Takahiro. He loves old school balsa


For U.S. anglers, there remains a

certain thrill of the foreign as well. Martens

fished a tournament in Spain and found

it to be remarkably similar to his state of


“The way they talked reminded me

of my friends,” he said. “They seemed like

Valley people, like guys in my old bass

club. Even the weather was similar and

the rocks and lakes looked the same.”

Spain may turn out to be the “next

Japan” or it might not. Bass have spread

wide swaths of Europe, Asia, Africa and

South America, so the greatest room for

the sport’s growth may be on another

continent. Now we wonder, which

future pro will be the first one to figure

it out? •


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