The Art of Fighting and Landing Big Fish by John Liechty

how to practice catching a big bass

Winter 2021



The basic techniques and theories I use for landing fish is to always keep a tight line, bent rod and opposing pressure with your rod tip. That means when the fish comes up, the rod goes down. When the fish goes right, the rod goes left and vice versus.

A concept I’ve come up with is the Sphere Theory. I like to image a giant sphere between myself and the fish. As the fish rotates around the sphere, the rod pressure should always be at the most opposite side.

With this concept even a barbless hook will have a better chance of staying pinned.

The moment you begin to lose opposing

pressure and the fish, and the rod are on the same

side of the sphere is when the hook generally

shakes free. Or, you lose the

shock absorbance in the line a

rod and the line breaks.

The next world record or

personal best catch is just a

cast away. Be sure to have

your net ready to avoided

a stumbling panicked

situation. And a scale

(with batteries), tape

measure, and camera

to recorded and

document your catch.

And always practice

catch and release with

these trophy-sized


Hopefully these

tips, techniques and

fundamentals will help

you land more fish and

possible that one true

giant. •