Tai Au wins again with Yamamoto Baits

How Tai Au Fished Yamamoto Baits for 80K in 2020

Winter 2021


Clear Lake is good for all sorts of colors, but I have a lot of confidence in watermelon red.

That being said, I don’t pay attention to color as much as most people. I keep it relatively easy. I look at the water color and pick a color that I think the fish can see. It’s trial by error.


I rarely ever throw the four-inch. I pretty much only throw the five-inch. I always try to throw the biggest bait I can get away with. I am not fishing for quantity. I’m fishing for quality.

At some places, like New Melones, the bigger spots and largemouth will eat the six-inch. I would rather go for the fish that are able to eat a six-inch bait or a five- inch bait, over a four-inch bait. That’s my mind thought.

But again, my go-to is a five-inch. I’ve caught giants on a five-inch Senko. I can’t tell you how many eight- pounders that I have caught on it.

At 4-years-old, my son, Jayden caught his personal best, around 10 pounds, throwing a five-inch green pumpkin Senko. It was the biggest bass that I’ve seen come out of Lake Pleasant.

I caught my personal best, an 11-pounder, last year with a 7-inch used as a trailer on a Pepper Custom 3/4-ounce jig in black and red flake. The Senko has worked for me everywhere. My whole entire fishing career. I’ve won well-over $100 thousand dollars, specifically because of a Senko. It is my money bait. •

Jayden Au