Fishing Through 2020 with Yamamoto Baits

2020 The Year for Yamamoto Baits


Winter 2021


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By Jody Only

Photos courtesy of Tai Au


he fish-catching power of Gary Yamamoto

Custom Baits is no secret to anglers and Tai Au

of Glendale, Ariz. highlighted that using the local Arizona-based plastics as the basis of his fishing arsenal

through the 2020 season, winning not one, but two, FLW

Western Division trophies, securing a top-10 in a third,

claiming the circuit’s Angler of the Year (AOY) honor, as well

as earning team event victories with partner Daniel Elias

in Wild West Bass Trail and Bass Junkies circuits. An awe-

striking feat that banked approximately $80 grand for Au this


Here, in his own words, he

broke down how Yamamoto

Baits put bass in the box, all

year, all fisheries.

To be honest, when I think

about Yamamoto baits, I don’t

think I would’ve been able to

win $80K without it. No, I take

that back… Hell NO, there is

no way I would’ve been able

to win that amount of money

without Yamamoto!

My money (Yamamoto)

baits for the season were a

five-inch Senko and a Zako

fished on a Jack Hammer.


The most important baits I fished at Havasu were a Senko attached to an Evergreen Jack Hammer and a Neko-rigged Senko.

The first day, a lot of my fish were caught sight fishing and I caught a key fish – a seven-pounder – on that Zako and a white Jack Hammer. My first big fish on Day two was five- pounder on a wacky-rig Senko.


• 1/2-ounce, Evergreen Jack Hammer/ Zako

• 7’4” Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Series heavy crankin rod

with a 6.3:1 gear ratio reel

• Yamamoto Sugoi fluorocarbon 20-pound – straight


Ninety percent of the

time I use a 1/2-ounce Jack

2020 Hardware Hammer. The only time I go

lighter is on the Delta, at low

tide, if I am fishing the trough

between the grass lines and

the rocks. I go lighter for that

because sometimes when

you throw it in there and the

water is low, and the 1/2

ounce gets down into the

rocks a little too much.

NEKO-RIGGED SENKO SETUP • Five-inch Senko/ Daiwa Neko Fat • 3/32 Nail Weight Eco Pro Tungsten • Size 1 Decoy Worm20 Hook • Yamamoto Sugoi Fluorocarbon 8-pound to 12-pound braid • 7’ Fitzgerald Stunner Series medium-heavy spinning rod