Lowrance LiveSight Installation with Marc Marcantonio

Steps to Install LiveSight

Winter 2020


First you want it high enough that the downward angle isn’t blocked by the motor (about 10 inches is the minimum distance above the motor).

The second consideration is to mount it as high as possible as long as it remains below the surface of the water. Take wave action into consideration.


The factory provides a mount for down view for your trolling motor, and a mount that can be used on the transom or jackplate of a boat.

Down view is particularly useful for vertical fishing applications especially in deep water.

For most bass anglers the Down view will prove to be used less often than the forward view, so most forego the Down view bracket and instead mount the Forward view bracket to the trolling motor shaft.

Some will want to install a Down view LiveSight transducer on the transom, and a second on the trolling motor for Front view. Unfortunately, they cannot be operated at the same time without crosstalk interference.

built a unique swivel bracket that provides both Forward and Down views from a single bracket. It attaches to the trolling motor shaft and is called the “Swivel Mount” since it can be swiveled from forward view to down view, and vice versa.

This custom mount includes two components.

The first component is model number AP-LIVE-S, and the second component is a custom spacer to allow the transducer to clear the trolling motor housing when in the Down view position (see unmounted photo). Some are using the AP-LIVE-S without the spacer for use only in the Forward view position (see mounted photo).

I have used Transducer Shield and Saver mounts for all my Lowrance transducers for more than a decade, because nothing protects a transducer better. The owners are Scap and Shirley Cicero, two of the finest people in the fishing industry. Scap is a long-time accomplished tournament angler and a skilled inventor who knows what it takes to make a quality product that provides superior performance.

If you aren’t fishing with Lowrance’s LiveSight sonar, you are missing out on the latest sight-fishing tool that makes fishing “live,” and more fun. Ciao, Marc Marcantonio. •


For those of us that want the best of both worlds at the trolling motor, Transducer Shield and Saver (www. TransducerShieldAndSaver.com) has just



Live Sight Clamps

Swivel Mount with LiveSight transducer

mounted onto a

trolling motor shaft

in the forward view

position. Note the slots on the side that allow the transducer to be swiveled to the down view position.