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Blue on Blue Triton

Winter 2020



even further, and they nailed it with that 6.7-ounce aluminum frame, and aluminum spool Tatula Elite long cast reel. Our engineers are awesome, and they continue to set standards for all the baitcast industry.

Mainstream TV with Livingston: Byron Velvick and I just filmed an infomercial in Texas for Livingston Lures. It should be a classier version of your typical infomercial. It should come out sometime before the holidays. It’ll be on lots of channels so hopefully you guys will see it and take it advantage of the great package deals that (Livingston) will be offering so more people can experience the sound technology revolution.

Trolling Motor Testing with Lowrance: I was able to use the new Lowrance Ghost in October on the MLF Cup boats. The hype is real. I loved everything about it and can’t wait to have one.

I loved the difference in the feel of the steering without a true cable. No more steering cable to break and the responsiveness was awesome! The torque and power were very noticeable and more impressive than any other trolling motor out there. I would definitely suggest everyone check it out!

sit-down interview with the 700 Club TV show. They came to the house and did the interview. Then they went out on the boat with me and shot some video. A full day of filming was edited down to a nice little five-minute testimony video. This was a great opportunity for the ministry side of our lives. Check this out on CBN.com or go to RandyHowell.com and click on the link.

I also was able to shoot two Bass Pro TV shows on Guntersville, during our break. It will air in the first quarter of next year. If you tune in, you will get to see two new baits that I introduce (my DMC Howeller Jr. and the Jr. Walking Boss Part II) and me using the Daiwa Tatula long cast reel on those bigguns at G-Ville.

We shot them in late October when conditions are very tough, so it’s a real-life account of how to find fish and make them bite in heavily pressured conditions in the fall.

They will be awesome shows! •

700 Club Interview


We just completed our ninth year of a boat giveaway for Kings Home. We put together a fishing event on November 23 and did the dream drawing there. We gave away my $85,000 dollar Triton Boat with all the goodies on it. Congratulations to Faron Lewis. Hope you have a great time with it!


Since I’ve been on break from the season, I also had the opportunity to do a