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Ghost trolling motor now available

Winter 2020


efficient for people who want to alternate or upgrade as Lowrance expands transducer options.


The Ghost comes standard with a trolling motor strap and bounce buster. The pull cord is steel and the head unit has a neat metal groove that allows the cord to slip into place without damaging the head of the trolling motor.

The Ghost offers a unique fly-by-wire steering that has the feel and response of a cable-steer trolling motor. This means no more broken trolling motor cables.

The engineers at Lowrance also expanded on a very successful anchoring feature that anglers have come to expect.

“The anchor feature is key for offshore fishing,” Ish said. “I like the anchor system for water deeper than eight- feet. It’s very accurate to a three-meter radius. It will go a few feet this way and that way, so that I can make the same cast every single time.”

But, that’s not all…

“A wireless remote and cellphone integration are also in the works,” Ish shared. •

I have one thing to say… I believe in GHOSTS!

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