Ish Monroe on the Lowrance Ghost

I Believe in Ghosts by Dr. Ricky Shabazz


Winter 2020


The motor has a stout, dual-action gas spring that makes it easier to deploy and stow than any competitors.

It has a built-in system that allows the motor to auto adjust during stowing. This cushions the motor and auto aligns when stowing to lie flat on the bracket. The 360-degree breakaway mount is designed to absorb impacts from objects.


Ish is right about the Ghost having no comparison available. No other anchor style trolling motor operates on either 24 or 36 volts.

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Ghost is stated to produce nearly 100 pounds of thrust on 24 volts and over 120 pounds on 36 volts. That is enough power to make the new Ghost a viable option for both aluminum and glass bass boats.

Ghost has propulsion technology that offers approximately 25 percent more thrust and up to 60 percent longer operation on a single charge.


Anglers can easily anchor or launch the heading feature with the simple tap of a foot.

“A great deal of thought went into designing a trolling motor that is both efficient and productive,” said Ish. “The head of the unit stays stationary while the shaft rotates during the anchor feature. The foot pedal has two programmable foot switches that allow anglers to connect to Bluetooth features such as waypoints or PowerPole operations.”

Ghost’s foot pedal offers the added benefit of allowing anglers to place the button on the right or left side. Anglers can set up foot pedal the way they want, moving the Flip Switch to the side of the pedal that fits their preference.

There is also a charge indicator built into the pedal that allows for improved battery monitoring.


The motor offers a brushes-less design with integrated transducer options for DownScan and SideScan.

This means no more wires or interference during operation or when paired with a compatible Lowrance chart plotter. The motor will track courses, jog contour lines, and stays stationary on a waypoint.


The Ghost offers two different nosecone options, so that anglers can quickly change between transducer types with very little effort. Ish showcased how the Ghost’s nosecone can be changed via an Allen wrench. He was able to swap out the nosecone in less than five minutes.

This feature will save anglers time having to send the entire trolling motor into a service center if or when a transducer fails. The entire process is simple and very