Using the Ghost with Ish Monroe

Ghost in Action

Winter 2020


I L Be l iev e i n

owrance’s much anticipated entry into the trolling

motor market has many anglers excited about

the possibilities of syncing LIVE and Carbon chart plotters with the new motor.

The new Ghost trolling motor was unveiled during the annual ICAST sportfishing trade show held in Orlando, Fla.

“I love that the Ghost trolling motor is built like a tank,” Ish said. “Lowrance built a trolling motor that is extremely durable and very sturdy, as the breakaway system protects the motor against breaking when impacting objects.”

Ish debuted the new Ghost trolling motor during the fall

and was met with much excitement.

Costa Series on the Delta. The tournament was extremely

Hype surrounded the idea of having a brushless trolling windy on the tidal waterway.

motor that connected to Lowrance fishfinders and it did not

“The Ghost exceeded my expectations,” Ish said. “Places

disappoint. I caught up with Lowrance pro Ish Monroe to

like the Delta have so much thick grass and I was able to

learn more about the Ghost.

cut through it very easy. The Ghost does the job

Ish is one of the few anglers across the country who

in a way that is so efficient that there is no

assisted Lowrance with testing the Ghost during the

comparison to any other trolling motor on

design phase. He was one of the first anglers to receive a

the market.”

production Ghost trolling motor.

By Dr. Ricky Shabazz

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