Kayak Bass Fishing in Winter

Wintertime Kayak Bass Fishing in Winter


Winter 2020



1. They are completely waterproof. You can stay dry after

going in and out of the water. 2. You can wear layers underneath the dry suit accordingly

to accommodate the air temperature. 3. They are effective for rainy day use.


1. They are expensive. The typical dry suit starts from $800

and up, but you may be able to find one on clearance for

$500 to $600, if you do your homework. 2. They are not compatible with people who have latex

allergies. The gaskets in the neck and wrists to keep

water out are made with latex. 3. You may get too hot when the air temperature is warm. It

depends on the person, but one might get too warm in a

dry suit when the air temperature is in the 80s or above.



1. They are affordable. A high-quality fishing

wetsuit starts at $150. 2. They are not made of latex, so it is latex

allergy-friendly. 3. They are available in varying degrees of

thickness for adaptability to different water



1. They may not provide adequate warmth in

cooler air temperatures. 2. They require you to wear layers on top of

the wetsuit, such as paddling pants with a

splash jacket on top with a synthetic fabric

layer. 3. Once they get wet, they stay wet.


Although wetsuits and dysuits have not yet gained popularity in the freshwater kayak fishing world, it’s time to embrace this and take the lead from our ocean kayaking friends. You will be prepared for immersion, you will be able to enter your kayak much easier, and you will be better prepared to survive an immersion event in cold water.

In addition to what was discussed above, make sure that you have access to an extra set of warm, dry clothes in a dry bag. It is recommended to include a towel, underclothes, several layers of outer clothes, a beanie cap and warm socks. It is preferable to store your dry bag in a watertight compartment if available. Some basic survival supplies in your dry bag may come in handy as well if you are planning a trip on a large body of water.

Some survival supplies to consider would be a survival blanket, fire-starting supplies, high-calorie snack foods, drinking water, and an emergency communication device. Finally, always wear your PFD, make sure you have a kill switch attached to your electric motor fish with a buddy whenever possible. Stay safe and enjoy your winter kayak fishing. •

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