The Forgotten C-Rig with Aaron Martens

Not just rigging


C T arolina-R

he Carolina-Rig goes by many names; the C-Rig,

the “ball and chain,” or simply “the rig.” Whatever

you want to call it, it works, and for many anglers, it is a forgotten rig, as some have moved on to newer techniques. But, it still works, and Major League Fishing pro Aaron Martens says it is a tool that everyone should learn, or relearn.

“I think it is not as popular as it once was. The drop-shot

“The Carolina-rig is basically just a giant split-shot rig, and it can be good all of the time,” Martens shared, “You can use it whenever you want and get bit, but for me, the pre- spawn period through summertime is the best. I pick it up when they are not biting a jig or worm very good, the times when the fish are just picking up baits and dropping them. The Carolina-Rig shines in these situations.”

Winter 2020


has replaced it in many situations, but it is always effective at catching bass,” said Martens, who shared some tips, tricks,

and thoughts on the Carolina-rig for this article.

The Carolina-rig can be an excellent tool just by dragging

it behind the boat. It is something that anyone can do,


regardless of his or her skill level. It is also one of the best ways for non-boaters to catch fish from the back of the boat.

One of the best things about this rig is how it performs

just about anywhere and throughout the year. Martens

Martens will drag it if he needs to; but has found another

says it is one of the best ways to get bites when just about excellent way to fish it.

nothing else will.

“A lot of times, I fish it just fish a jig,” he said. “I’ll lift my

rod, let it drop, and then sweep. I will also lift my rod higher


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