Mark Zona Reviews the Daiwa Elite Reels

Daiwa Elite Baitcasters Flip and Pitch Vs. Long Cast

Winter 2020


aiwa’s Tatula line continues to grow and

now includes several rods and reels. This

year, they added two new baitcast reels named Tatula Elite. They are improved versions of

existing reels and some of the best casting reels you

will find.

TV show host and Bassmaster Elite Series analyst

Mark Zona has been fishing Daiwa reels heavily for the

past few years and says that Daiwa has hit a home

run with the new Tatula Elite baitcast reels.


Both of the new Tatula Elite reels look similar with a crisp gray finish and some of the great features Daiwa is known for. One of them is designed as a “long cast” reel, and the other – the Tatula Elite P/F - is made specifically for flipping and pitching.

Both of them feature the T-Wing system for a better flow of the line during a cast or flip, and they also have the Zero Adjuster system for excellent spool control. The Zero Adjuster system is factory tuned before it leaves Daiwa and it is ready to go when you spool it up for the first time.

The differences between the two new reels are the sizes of the spool and the handle. The Flip/Pitch model has a shallower spool and bigger handle, two things that greatly help with those techniques. On the other hand, the standard version has a deeper spool for longer casts and a smaller handle than the Pitch/ Flip model.

When it comes to weight, they are both lightweight with the long cast version coming in at 6.7-ounces and the Flip/Pitch weighing 6.9-ounces. Each of them has a 7+1 ball bearing system that includes seven ball bearing and one roller bearing. Both are available in left and right-handed retrieves.


When they say long casting, they mean it, according to Zona. “When they were coming out with a reel, they told me the whole purpose was to get longer casts,” he began.

“When you hear that you think ‘that sounds great,’ but I couldn’t fathom how it works and all of the technological stuff they were mentioning, but I know from fishing it that it does cast further and with less effort,” Zona said.


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