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Winter 2020


he said. “You could go from break opening to break opening, casting lures, because they are feeding on shad or bluegill or whatever brings the striper there.

“You can cast up on the flats, because they’re feeding on small largemouth, bluegill or things of that nature that are up there on the grass and yes, there’s still potential for that in December.”

He suggested a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil for casting.

“It’s 5 1/2-inches long and it makes a lot of noise and has a lot of commotion,” he said. “It’s a side-to-side type of topwater bait. You just have to make sure that they eat it before you try and set the hook, because the big fish are smart and they rarely give you second opportunities.

“If I am throwing topwater and they’re coming up but not fully committing, I will go to a big glide bait like the Yo-Zuri Ninja Glide. That has a good side-to-side action, moves a lot of water and glides right underneath the surface. Sometimes that’s all you need to get them fully commit.”

Borges upsizes to 65 to 80-pound braid for these lures and again ties with a Palomar. He fishes with Phenix rods, using the M1 for casting and the Phenix trolling rods when trolling.

“They have a glass version which is the XG4T and then they have a composite version which is XG14T,” he said. “I like the glass rod for the shallow divers, where you need that really soft rod and I like the composite for the deeper divers as it has a little more backbone. More backbone allows it to rip free from the grass and not get stuck.” •

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