Brent Ehrlers Top 4 Plastic Rigs by David A. Brown

Strategies for the scenarios you will need the perfect presentation

Winter 2020


aking it as a professional angler inherently

requires a diverse array of skill sets; and for

California pro Brent Ehrler, his solid arsenal of soft plastic rigs helps him maintain that well-rounded

competence that has kept him at the top of his game.

“You run into so many scenarios where you need a soft

plastic bait, whether it’s a Senko-style worm with not as

much action, but more of a spiral fall; or a crawdad style bait

with a bigger profile that’s going to be more of a flipping

technique,” Ehrler said. “The Senko also has a horizontal

fall when you rig it weedless. You need a straight tail worm,

as well as some type of crawdad imitation — you need a

combination of both for the different scenarios you’ll face.”

As for how he views the hard bait/soft plastics decision,

Ehrler offered this perspective: “They’re both equally

important for different scenarios because different times

of the year, different techniques shine. One tournament, I

might be throwing a Lucky Craft LC 1.5 squarebill; the next

tournament, I might be throwing the Lucky Craft Sammy 108

topwater and then the next time, I’ll be throwing a Senko.

“What I have found is that I may end up catching fish in

the tournament on a Senko, but I probably found those fish

with a crankbait, a jerkbait or a topwater. In practice, there’s

such a limited amount of time, you have to cover a lot of

water to find the areas that hold a higher concentration of

fish. When I come back to those areas, I typically catch more

fish on soft plastics. So, I found them on one bait and caught

them on a different bait, but both played a crucial role in my



Noting that plastics are a necessary compliment to his hard bait efficiency, Ehrler identified his top-4 most common rigs, featuring Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits.


Rigged on a 3/0 Gamakatsu Heavy Cover hook, the Flappin Hog, a highly active creature bait handles most of Ehrler’s flipping/pitching duties. He’ll use it to target a variety of shallow cover, along with fixed dock poles, as well as grass cover.

“I’ll fish that on 20- to 22—pound Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon with a flipping stick, because you’re usually flipping into heavy cover where you have to pull the fish out,”