Topwater and squarebills for double digit fish

Chasing Monsters River Monsters

Winter 2020


anglers was working as a team, building exponentially on our previously very limited knowledge base. There was no textbook to go on, and none of us spoke enough Portuguese to communicate effectively with our guides. It was old school fishing, learning from subtle clues and from the more-than- occasional mistakes we made.

Each day, we got a little bit better, and just when we thought we’d figured a few things out it was time to go home.

I’ll be saving my pennies and my vacation time from work for a return trip to the Amazon next year – the big question before me is whether to head back to my beloved peacocks, or if I should take another shot at the toothy dinosaurs that haunt my dreams.

If you’d like to learn more about various Amazon trip options, reach out to me on Facebook or email me at It’s a topic that I’m passionate about, already planning my next visit, and if you love big, mean fish, it’s something you should aim for as well. •