Can a Pro be a Pro if He Has to Fish with a Co

A look at FLW joining BASS and dropping its co-anglers at the top levels

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Fall 2018

d r op pi ng it s c o - a n gl ers at the top l eve ls

endangered species


by Sean Ostruszka


cientists estimate roughly 200 species of animals

and plants go extinct every day. Based on what

has transpired in recent years, another that may be headed that way are co-anglers.

With FLW following B.A.S.S.’ decision from 2009 to

discontinue co-anglers on its highest level, all three top-

level tours – Bass Pro Tour, Elite Series and FLW Tour

– will now only have professional anglers fishing during

tournament days. Now, there has been no talks

of discontinuing


angler programs at the minor or regional levels, yet as the sport continues to evolve and the money on the line increases, one has to wonder what will happen to co- anglers in the coming years.

For now, we wanted to get some insight into what FLW’s decision means for the FLW Tour, as well as some key questions it brings up going forward.

‘Never Really Agreed With it in the First Place’ Bryan New has been one of the best anglers on the FLW Tour you’ve never heard of.

Why? Because he’s been a co-angler.

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