Glide Baits Have Entered the Mainstream on Both Coasts

Glide Baits Have Entered the Mainstream on Both Coasts


Winter 2019


from Coast to Coast


lide baits have entered

the mainstream and anglers

everywhere are learning how effective they are at producing bigger than average bass. There are

countless versions on the market, and all have the standard

wide action that appeals to hungry bass.

South Carolina’s Michael Murphy and California’s Josh

Parris are both fans of these baits and although similar

in their mindset in how they target big bass, they have a

different approach that works for their region.


The ima Glide Fluke was the brainchild of professional angler and guide Michael Murphy. He spent considerable time developing the bait with one thing in mind, the blueback herring lakes in his region.

by Tyler Brinks

While that was the original intention for this bait, it has become a favorite of anglers on both coasts.

“I spent time listening to glide bait experts like Butch Brown, and I realize that I am not an expert on western fisheries,” said Murphy. “We don’t have giant trout fed bass, but the mindset of catching fish on these baits is the same no matter where you live. You’re trying to get a reaction from big fish that are eating big forage. We set out to design a lure that will work across the country in clear water, dirtier water, and for bass that eat a variety of forage.”

The design process itself was a massive undertaking that including many revisions.

“The biggest thing with this bait is

that it does not have a fin as the tail

section,” he shared. “The fin is what

helps serve as a rudder on many

glide baits. You will also notice

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Michael Murphy