Cold weather bass fishing wormin shakey head fishing Jeff Kriet

Jeff Kriet bass fishing tips for winter texas-rigged finesse worm


Winter 2018




with Jeff Kriet

Story & Photos by Scott M. Petersen


o, what does finesse fishing really mean?

Looking up finesse in the dictionary

it says: refinement and delicacy of performance, execution, or artisanship. Ask

Jeff Kriet what finesse is and he will tell you

grab a spinning rod, with a shaky jig head and

a Big Bite Squirrel Tail rigged on it and get to


page 42



Yes, you can blame Kriet for bringing bass fishing the shaky head tactic.

It all started with one of Bassmaster’s Day on

The Lake segments, Kriet was faced with a very

tough bite on a cold spring day, fishing Bull

Shoals reservoir. Kriet was trying to make the

best out of the conditions that he was faced

with; but could not get even a bite.

That changed when he pulled out a spinning rod, rigged with what he called a shaky head and went to work. From that day forward, the shaky head craze was started and has taken bass fishing, all over the country, by storm.

The Beginning of the Shaky Head: Kriet explained that the shaky head tactic took a little while for him to develop. He wanted a jig head that would position itself on the ground, without falling on its side and keep the worm