Boat Prep: Maintenance for Winter Weather by Dan Rice

Boat Prep: Maintenance for Winter Weather
by Dan Rice


B M F a O int A en T anc P e R for E W P in



ishing during the coldest season can bring

huge results for those who brave freezing

conditions and colder than normal environ-

ments. Many anglers slow their presentations to a sluggish crawl and often fish for very few bites,

Lower unit gear oil, such as Lucas’ M8 Synthetic SAE 75W-90 was originally created for high-powered racing boats and is now widely used throughout the marine industry. As a full synthetic, non-foaming and super slick lubricant, its main job is to reduce friction.

but in order to safely proceed with winter fishing there

Other benefits, such as preventing rust and

are a few basic steps to maintaining your boat.

corrosion only produce more value, but for many do-

Shawn Bongers, a local Service Technician with

it yourselfers, one of the best attributes of this

30 plus years of experience in the boating industry,

Lucas Oil product is that it safely blends with all

emphasizes routine maintenance and these easy tricks

known gear oil and additives.

to fish safely throughout winter.

Draining and checking your lower unit is now

easier than ever, especially with the experts


covering your every move.

No matter your brand or horsepower, all outboard motors have a few basic requirements that should be completed regardless of the season.

When it comes to fuel, lubrication and performance, there is no easier task than checking your lower unit for the number one killer – water. A crack or faulty drain/fill screw gasket can take down the strongest motor. With repairs costing in excess of $3,000, ensuring proper lubrication is the easiest way to prepare for those cold days ahead.


For states that see snow on an annual basis, city and county crews apply “de- icing” products designed to keep our roadways safe. With the introduction of these chemicals and salts and their formula variations, many anglers are seeing adverse effects on their boat trailers. From paint damage to rust, there are consequences for those who turn a blind eye to proper flushing and rinsing. To give you an idea of