How “Suite” It Is: 
Reviewing Technique 
Specifics by Marc Marcantonio

How “Suite” It Is: 
Reviewing Technique 
by Marc Marcantonio




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t has been said that the definition of luck is

when preparation intersects with opportunity.

Whether you compete in a tournament, or enjoy

a day on the water fishing for fun, how much thought goes into the rods you place on your deck?

Many have one or two favorite techniques, and they

place only those rods within reach. Maybe your con-

fidence is in pitching and flipping jigs or you prefer to

throw crankbaits. When bass eat the lure you want

them to, it is fun. But, you can’t always make them

eat what you throw.

Certainly, many tournaments are won by anglers

who fish their confidence technique. When one

technique dominates, you can often predict who will

do well in that event. While reliance on confidence

techniques will result in occasional

success, day in and day out it will not

prove lucky. The anglers that enjoy

consistent luck prepare by learning a

suite of techniques that excel in different


The intent of this article is to

stimulate your thought process. The

goal is to prepare a suite of technique-

specific rods and have them at the

ready to methodically approach every

opportunity. This is how you make your

own luck.

Success in bass fishing is all about

being prepared for many different

opportunities. Think of opportunities in

terms of bass-holding habitat. Productive

bass habitat includes structure and

cover. Laydowns, weed beds, rock piles,

creek channels, drop-offs, humps,

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