Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 49

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 49

IMA Flit Jerkbait

example, mud to gravel or red clay to rock.

Shallow fish are feeders, getting them to bite with a reaction bait is best. Heavier baits, such as a bigger jerkbait will produce bites from the bigger fish and also help get your baits down deeper. When the sun is up and shadows form on the water, go lighter and finesse. A darter head is very hard to beat for spotted bass in deep reservoirs.


First off, let’s start by defining a rip bait versus a jerkbait. In simplest terms, jerkbaits are usually smaller with rounder bills providing a tighter wobble. Rip baits have a bigger bill and are more erratic with wider swings. For simplicity of this article, I’m going to refer to both as a jerkbait. Be aware of the difference when you see the many types and try to choose the right one for your situation.

There are many different brands and types, each brand will give their bait a different presentation. Jerkbaits should point head slightly downward and there are tricks to getting it to do so,


if it doesn’t out of the package. Adding a bigger front hook, an extra split ring to the front hook, or even weight tape can the lure into the right position. The position of weight tape or dots will alter the action. Research where and how to them to maximize their use with your own baits.

Some important tips to remember, always jerk

on slack line, a taught line will cause the bait to

continue to move even when that is not the

intent. On a slack line, the bait will suspend

– which is often when the bite occurs.

Since the line is slack, keeping an eye on

it is very important to detect strikes.

Patience, patience, patience!

Letting the bait sit, can invoke a


To fish a jerkbait, cast out

making sure to get a good

distance. After the cast, reel

the bait down to its ideal depth

and let sit. Then on slack line,

give the bait two jerks, pause

on slack line, reel in a little

and jerk again then pause

and repeat. Play with pause

times and jerk rhythms until

you get bites to know what

the fish want that day.

With windy days and

choppy water go with

brighter, shiny color

patters. Calm, clear days