Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 4

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 4

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X-STRONG –Perfectfor replacing trebles onfreshwaterandinshore

baits. Thesearea great for fishing areaswithlots of grass orcoverthat makefishing withtreblehooksvirtually impossible. These single hooks area lotless damaging to fishwhenpracticing catch and release. Always besure to rig thefront hookwiththe pointfacing forward andthe rear facing rear. FeaturesincludeBlackChromefinishand SuperNeedle Point.

XXX-STRONG –Greatforreplacingtreblesonlarge saltwaterbaits. Made

withZo-Wire™, the wirestrengthisstronger thanothertraditionalhigh

carbonsteelwires. Thismeanssmaller hookwirediameters forbetter

penetrationanda Super NeedlePointthat will notroll overordull. These

singlehooks arelessdamaging to fishwhenpracticing hook and release,and

also safer for angler’swhenhandling fishon boat decks. These areperfect for handling thelargest of Tuna (if thelurecanholdup), and GiantTrevally. FeaturesincludeVacum-tinnedfinishfor corrosionprevention,and Super Needle Point.

Similar to theST-36seriesbut witha short shankand wider gaps.Shorter

shanksallow larger gappedhooksto beusedwithout thefearof trebles fouling

oneachother andby natureof thedesign, shortshanksflex less. Thistreble also

features150°PPP (PremiumPoint Position– seeillustration) thatsplits 2hook

pointsout 150°vs. thetypical 120°betweenall 3points. Openingthis gapallows the

hookpoints to bepositioned slightly farther out fromthehardbaitbody,making

for hookupsthat otherwisemight not happen. Opening thegap to150°alsoallows

hooksto do lessdamageto baitsandkeeppoint sharper overtime. This treblein-

cludes Owner’sSilky Gray frictionlessfinish that encouragesuperiorhook penetra- tionthroughgillplatesandthetoughest partsof the mouth. Other features include round bends, andSuper NeedlePoints. Whenrigging baitsalways rigthefronttreble withthe pointinlinewiththeeye, facing forward, andtherear in line pointfacingrear.


ThepivotHeadwasdesignedto beusedonswim baits. Theycanbe fished individually

orinmultiplesonumbrella rigs. Thecombination of the“bean”shaped head and the

splitring jointbetweentheheadandhookallow for anerraticswim pattern thatdrives

fishcrazy. The weedlessversionis designedto beTexasriggedwith the hookpointrid- ing onthe topof a bait. Whenfishing inopenwater conditions, theStraightshankver- sion,featuring Cutting Point™, canbe usedfor higherhook-uprates. Theheadscome in ablack matte finishandthehooksareblackchrome.


The JungleFlipping Hookwasdesigned to withstandheavybraidedline useandthe

toughest ofconditions. MadewithZo-Wire™, thewirestrengthis strongerthan other

traditionalhighcarbonsteel wires. Thismeanssmaller hookwirediameters forbetter

penetrationanda SuperNeedle Point that will not roll over ordull. The eye is100%closed to prevent knots from“slipping out.” Thebait keeper ismeticulously wrapped ontothe shank ofthehookto prevent thekeeper itself from sliding or spinning. Also featuredis Owner’s SilkyGray frictionlessfinishthat encouragesuperior hook penetrationand helpswith bait clearance onhooksets.