An Epic Season For AOY
with Joe Uribe Jr. by Jody Only

An Epic Season For AOY
with Joe Uribe Jr.
by Jody Only




an epic season for

with Joe Uribe Jr.


ollowing an Angler of the Year point’s race

throughout a circuit’s trail is always exciting.

In 2015, Joe Uribe Jr. of Surprise, Ariz. gave us

an epic season to watch in the FLW Rayo- vac Western Division, earning the Angler of the Year

(AOY) honor with top-10 finishes in all three of the

circuit’s stops. His claims included a championship

not only at Lake Havasu , but also at Clear Lake and a

6th place finish at the California Delta.

WesternBass checked in with Uribe to get his

thoughts on his phenomenal season.

WB: You’ve done very well in the AOY rankings over the years, but this year was obviously your best. What do you think was different for you in 2015?

Uribe: This year, I caught a big fish at every tournament and that was the key to my success. Even in practice, I caught big fish. On every lake, Havasu, Delta and Clear Lake, I was on the right kind of fish to win, which obviously dictated what my strategy would be. I had really good practices. I fished

really clean and I didn’t have a lot of mistakes or errors and execution is always a big part.

WB: Did

you have a specific strategy going into

Clear Lake


each lake to target big fish?

Photo Credit

Jen Edgar

Uribe: Yes. This year,

I fished to win. I definitely stepped it up.

I usually fish pretty conservatively

trying to be consistent and have made

a lot of top-10 finishes: but had never

gotten a win. This year, I just kind of put it

out there during practice and only went

for big bites.