Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 20

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Winter 2016, Page 20

excuse to fail.” Maybe that’s what we see exposed

As Bill Siemantel noted recently (having stepped

when some of the stories or “explanations” start

away from tournaments for other industry-related

circulating following an event. As I reflect back 40

projects), “Failure can always happen. Call it Murphy’s

years or more, maybe this was easier to recognize.

Law or whatever. There can be mental and physical

elements in play from your hands, through the reel,


rod and line to the fish [where something can go awry].”

I remember the surly

Obviously, there can be even more than that.

“desert lakes.” (Why did we

However, to excuse a lost fish, the one that would

call them this?) Because the

have filled a limit, added to your score, given you a

just the name connoted more

confidence boost during the day to try something

than location but also high winds,

different, or push a pattern rather and retreat to

and too rough of conditions for our tri-

hull something safer, are potential career busters.

rigs to cross? Then too, there was that clear water

As Siemantel explains, the problem comes when

and doubt some of us carried. Were we good enough anglers, “…don’t look at everything as important.”

or did we have the skill to make those mandatory

And the big picture, of winning, scoring consistently,

“long casts” with our Texas rigs and baitcasting gear? and qualifying for championships is made up of

When I look back, I still can remember how that

hundreds, if not thousands, of details.

doubt would creep in. I remember following in the

“It’s why the successful guys are a little anal about

wake of striper fishermen with their deep vee hulls.

labeling boxes, knowing where their tournament

The thought of that possibility, even when a lake such hooks are located (by size, the ones with points

as Mohave was flat in the morning—was enough to

tested for sharpness, with eyes closed tight)”

keep one from making the run. That was looking for

because with these steps, he says, you “lessen the

an excuse to fail.

chance of failure.”

With better equipment,

For the same reasons he would add changing

crossing most big basins is not

line (even braided line) or replacing or backing

as harrowing today in the West,

off reel drags, or becoming more proficient in

but when I see national pros

back-reeling (especially on big

fighting their

fish). These are steps taken to

way across 10

avoid failure.

foot peaks and

Of course, all

troughs in the

performances are not failures,

Northern Tier, I

just because they don’t result

recognize some

in a win. What you are aiming

will risk it and

for is the most flawless result

some will not.

based on your actions and

At what point is

performance. Said Siemantel,

not running to

“You want to be a little more

the better fish

in tune seeing potential

a failure, or just

problems. [Noting] how or

prudent behavior?

when they could happen,

I will let you decide.

Yet, in many cases, I would say

BILL SIEMANTEL says, “If something went wrong, fix it.”

and be ready to adjust for those possibilities.

Using a baseball analogy,

most cases , there

he noted, “Players are

is a reason for

taught, if it comes to me,

failure and you have

where do I go with the

to embrace it, not

ball? Things are going to

cover it up.


20 ®