Frog Tweaks For More Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 6

Frog Tweaks For More Bass
By Scott M. Petersen, Page 6


Summer 2021

Between them they amassed over 30 first-place finishes and countless top-10 finishes in local team tournaments. They won Team Anglers of the Year titles, along with Team Regional Championships.


Common buzzbaits are designed for use in weed beds and flooded timber where bass rest, waiting for optimal feeding conditions before cruising around for dinner. These buzzbaits are designed to not snag in heavy cover. The heads are streamlined to ride over cover, and the blades are built and positioned to not tangle with weeds. Visual realism is less important than sound and function (the ability to work in weeds and timber without snagging).

Standard buzzbaits typically invoke reaction strikes when they suddenly interrupt a bass resting in a weed bed or next to a log or stump.

Resting bass may not even see the lure until the last second. They often strike to kill the offending lure, rather than eat it. Short strikes and missed hook-ups are not unusual when resting bass attack buzzbaits used in cover.


As opposed to these heavy cover situations, Larry prefers to target actively feeding bass, and he does so with a buzzbait designed for open water situations.

Larry Elshere