Frog Tweaks For More Bass By Scott M. Petersen, Page 2

Frog Tweaks For More Bass
By Scott M. Petersen, Page 2


Summer 2021

Note: Widening the gap will make the frog less weedless. To me, an increased hookup ratio is a tradeoff that I will gladly take.


Typically, the original length of frog legs will not let it walk as good on the twitch. Longer legs provide more of a glide than a walk, which can easily move it away from the intended cover.

Shortening the frog’s legs will allow it to move in more of a side-to-side walking action and will keep it closer to the prime target.


Many anglers like to tie their frog direct, while others like to use a snap. Often, I will have both setups on deck and will grab the appropriate rod to get the action I want in any particular situation.

I use the snap to attach the frog when I want it to weight down the nose of the bait. For example, the snap will weigh down the frog face on a popping frog and I can use the power of that popping frog to call bass from under and around the weeds. The weighed down frog face will get a louder pop out of a popping or spitting frog. With this, I may slow down my retrieve and leave a longer pause between pops and twitches.