Rattlin’ In The Grass By Pete Robbins, Page 2

Rattlin’ In The Grass
By Pete Robbins, Page 2

Summer 2021

As the vibrating jig, the swim jig and weedless swimbaits have claimed space on tackle store shelves, the lipless crank gets less time on deck and in the water.

Sure, in the early part of the year, and again in the fall, it produces tournament wins, but if you’re putting it away when the vegetation emerges, Mosley thinks you’re making a big mistake.

“Of course, people let it shine in the spring and the pre-spawn,” he said. “And then it’s great again in the fall, when the fish are actually trying to feed up, but I keep it tied on all year long and throw it in

the same places I’d fish those other lures. One day they’ll bite one, one day they’ll bite the other.”

He often prefers the “Trap” when it’s post- frontal, and the fish are hesitant to bite. That’s when he’ll “rip it out of the grass and make ‘em react a little.”

Of course, there’s a hassle factor to triggering the fish. Rip the lure incorrectly, or with the wrong tackle, and you’ll spend more time pulling salad off of your bait than reeling in fish.

“Of course, one solution is to just rip it harder,” Mosley said.


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