Finesse & Frogging On 2 Continents By Tyler Brinks

Finesse & Frogging On 2 Continents
By Tyler Brinks



a substantially overlooked part of

Summer 2021


on Continents

By Tyler Brinks


n America, bass fishing is a popular pastime from

coast to coast. In other parts of the world, many

anglers are just as bass-crazy as we are here. That includes many countries in Europe, including Italy.

Professional angler Jacopo Gallelli became the first

European pro angler here in the states. He began the

season by competing on the Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit

after tasting success in our country in the past few years.

In his brief time here, he’s competed in the Bassmaster

Classic via the Federation Nation and has had several solid

finishes at the Bassmaster Open and Toyota Series level.

His favorite ways to catch bass during the summer

months, both here and in Italy, are throwing a frog and

mixing in finesse tactics: two surefire ways to catch

summertime bass on two far away continents.


Like in the states, anglers can’t get enough frog fishing during Italy’s warmer months.

“We have many ponds and marshes and the frog is always a good lure in Italy,” he said. “Our lakes are natural lakes and a lot like you have up north here. We have some lakes that are very marshy like Lake Okeechobee, but most are like New York with clear water and a lot of vegetation in areas.”

Gallelli picks up the frog right around the spawn and uses it throughout the country while in the states, just as he did in Italy.

“When the water is around 65-degrees, it is prime time,” he said. “The great thing about the frog is you can throw it anywhere, but I am always looking for duckweed. I like the

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